What's it all about then?

What's it all about then?

1 June 2020

A new immersive music experience.

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What is One Night Records?

We bring music to life through exploratory evenings of music in extraordinary surroundings. It’s the music you love, presented in a fully realised, perfectly built world that you explore at your own pace. You can follow musicians you like, or stay put in one beautiful spot. Wherever you are, you’ll be listening to live music in the one setting that makes it really sing. 

What should I expect on the evening?

You’ll be taking a ride through a fictional world of music. You’ll see musicians you recognise, and musicians you don’t. You’ll see the hottest new UK talent performing some of the greatest songs ever written, and you’ll see them doing some of their own material too. 

How is the show able to keep Social Distancing?

We reduced our capacity by 30% to allow for more room.You’ll book in a group of four and you’ll experience the event in that same group, and you’ll never come closer than two and half meters to the nearest other group. Your group of four will have, on average, eighteen metres square to yourselves in each place you visit during the show. 

Masks will be worn during the event, whether you bring your own or take one of ours, available free of charge at the entrance. 

We will sanitise the venue before and after every evening with disinfectant and antibacterial liquid, and hand sanitizer will also be provided for all audience members throughout the evening. 

We will monitor and maintain distancing for audiences and staff on all lines. 

Are you going to cancel the show if there’s a second peak?

We’ll always follow the advice of Public Health England, which is how we arrived at this Social Distancing show, and we’ll always try to exceed standard safety measures. If we need to postpone, we’ll do that, but the show is safe for conditions as they are now. 

Is this for fans only?

No! This is great music in the right setting. There’s plenty in this for the music nerds though too.

Drinks? Food? Drugs? Sex?

We got you covered on drinks - there is a themed bar offering with several opportunities for a drink along your experience. You can pre-purchase drinks with your tickets. 

Same goes with food, which is along the lines of a tapas order. 

Drugs - no. Anyone with drugs or suspected of having drugs will be booted straight out. 

Sex is really outside our remit, and ideally outside our record shop too. Not right outside though, thanks. 

Do you need to go in character?

No! No organised fun. No idiotic quests. No stilted conversation with actors. Just you, in smart vintage attire if you like, and several hours of truly fantastic music, in a delicate and incredible time-shifting maze that will beguile your every sense. 

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