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The Obscuritones

The Obscuritones

The Obscuritones are a female fronted sugar sweet harmonising, hot rockin band from London. Playing wild originals and the best rockabilly and rock n roll, sounding like the Andrews Sisters playing with the Stray Cats after a night out with Brenda Lee!

Fronted by Joey Hill and Jane Dodson - who also swap rhythm guitar and live drumming duties - this 4 piece band, originally formed in Brixton 2011, is powered by the travis picking wizardry of Hugh Byrne and the thumping upright bass of Andrew Bavington.

Their musical influences are The Collins Kids, Johnny Burnette Trio, Ruth Brown, Carl Perkins - all of which feature in a typical Obscuritones gig set list - plus the likes of original Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson to Link Wray and Vince Taylor.

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