2 OCT – 30 DEC 2020

The Dalston Devil Trio

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The Dalston Devil Trio

The Dalston Devil Trio

Raw, exciting speakeasy jazz trash coming to your nearest bar room or bordello soon!


Formed in New Orleans 11/11/11 by newlywed couple Ane and Paul-Ronney Angel. They were originally named the Dalston Devil Duo and meant as a one-off performance at their wedding, but upon their return to London they discovered that their neighbour, Paul Seacroft, who had been feeding their snakes whilst they were away, was a very talented lap-steel player. He shared their love for blues, jazz, country and other bad-ass roots music. He was renamed Paul Snakecraft and THE DALSTON DEVIL TRIO was born!

Describing their music as “Ragtime Oompa Sleaze”, they give their own unique twist to songs by Tom Waits, The Clash, John Lee Hooker, Irwing Berlin and Hank Williams plus original compositions.

Their live shows are best enjoyed sat down (as they do) with a stiff drink in your hand – c’mon in baby, the Devil’s got the best tunes!


Paul-Ronney Angel – Vocal, Banjo & Guitar

Front man & songwriter with The Urban Voodoo Machine and head honcho of the legendary Gypsy Hotel club!

Ane Angel – Tuba

Fire eating gong bashing tuba temptress also with a day job in The Urban Voodoo Machine – mother of 2 snakes and a collector of dead animals!

Paul Snakecraft – 8 String Lap Steel

Former guitarist with 2-Tone legends The Selecter and The Pogues’ Andrew Ranken amongst others – always up for a good time and good music!

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