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Tamara Tare

Tamara Tare is an upcoming vocalist and music scholar from Kent. Originally born in Camberwell to Nigerian parents, her love for music stems from her parent’s interest for Nigerian Highlife music which consists of some jazz-like qualities. Tamara Tare’s love for music led her to becoming a self-taught pianist and her musical journey found her singing on stage as a Musical Theatre and Classical vocalist. She went on to explore other vocal styles and eventually steered into to the world of Jazz, Neo-Soul, RnB and Jazz Funk.  

She is currently studying a Music specialist degree in Liberal Arts at the University of Nottingham with a focus on music composition and research, and has been a lead vocalist for several jazz, soul and RnB bands at the University. Her degree has led her to write numerous film scores, jazz-soul fusion ensemble pieces, solo piano and many other genres which has been one of her endeavours for several years. 

Tamara Tare is in the infancy of her music career however she has already worked as a vocalist for a range of ensembles and events such as the London Film Music Orchestra, Tempus Jazz Band, and a live acoustic session with BBC Radio London. 

Her live acoustic session with radio host Claira Hermet left the BBC producers starstruck stating that her voice is “amazing, so soothing to listen to and just beautiful!” 

Be prepared to be mesmerised by her angelic sounding voice as she melts the heart of the audience. Tamara Tare’s captivating and colourful performance transports her listeners into a place of serenity and bliss as she blends jazz and blues with Neo-Soul and RnB influences. 

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