2 OCT – 30 DEC 2020

Lotte Rice

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Lotte Rice

Lotte Rice

Lotte started singing as a backing vocalist in her dad’s band as a teenager. ‘The Hackney Jazz Slayers’ they were inappropriately named, seeing as the three-hour sets were a journey through soul, funk, rock and roll, blues, r and b (you name it) with a sprinkling of indulgent improvisations throughout (‘jazz’). Lotte continued to sing BV’s for them, and other bands, whilst pursuing a career as an actress, and collecting gigs as a lead vocalist. She also writes shows, weaving songs and poems together seamlessly in a cabaret style of storytelling.  

“Actress, spoken word artist and singer Lotte Rice has a luminescence about her that enhances her stage presence and makes her solo performance wholly engaging.” ** The British Theatre Guide

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