Lineup Policy

Lineup Policy

One Night Records has a mission to provide audiences with quality music in the context of fair representation. The Macgregor-Smith Report  on Race in the Workplace lays out advice on how to ensure good representation using 'target aspirations'. We followed that advice and are setting ourselves target aspirations.

CIPD, the UK's Human Resources institution, recommends here that in setting targets, 'representation levels should seek to mirror population distributions', and that any targets should be appropriate to the activity they are related to.

UK Music's recent censuses of the working population in music found that 18% were black, indigenous, or people of colour, and that the percentage is growing (see here for 2017's census and here for 2018). The balance between men and women in the music workforce is even. Our musicians will represent the demographic of available musical talent. 

So at One Night Records, we are setting two target aspirations:

  • A minimum of 20% of the principal performers will be black, indigenous or people of colour
  • A minimum of 40% of the principal performers will be female.

With differing numbers of principal performers per night, we will be measuring ourselves over the course of weeks and months rather than individual nights.

If you would like to discuss the Lineup Policy, please contact Tim Wilson at [email protected]