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Garance and The Mitochondries

Garance and The Mitochondries

At the age of 19, Garance originally from Perpignan in the South of France, moved to the UK to see what life had to offer there.  Accordion in hand, she started busking on the streets of London, and before she knew it had accidentally formed a band: Garance and the Mitochondries.

Since this chance meeting of musical minds, she released one EP “Tu Crois que Je Crois” (2013) and 2 full-length album, “Un Puit qui Fuit” (2014), “Balance l’Aurore” ( 2018).

Growing up in a cinema room, her childhood was filled with the sights and sounds of the movies – where the cinematic touch is very present in her music. Having busked her way across the world, through New Orleans, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Portugal (etc…) she documents her adventures in songs.

But she pulled out all the stops with her second album “Balance l’Aurore”, working with Portico Quartet producer Sonny Johns on a musical odyssey that showcases everything good in London’s live music scene.

They celebrated the release of “Balance l’Aurore” doing a mesmerising 25 pieces orchestra gig where they decided to play the track “Aye Aya” until the whole audience supposedly left the venue. Nobody left and what happened was a transcendental unexpected experience.

They’ve been played on the waves of BBC radio 6, BBC RADIO 2, France bleu Roussillon, Fip radio, Soho radio, Resonance FM, Thread radio and may others as well as being nominated for the best artist of 2019 on the Songlines music awards.

Garance writes and produces all her own music.

As well she produce, write the music and have a sitcom for a her trash-electro-disco band called CHEWY SHE, she’s the band leader of Mademoiselle Loulou Orchestra a French chanson/ trad jazz band, sings and interprets Serge Gainsbourg for Gainsbourg Confidential and runs a radio show on Sanford radio (Garry Loulou random radio). 


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