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Dom Glynn

Hailing from Birmingham, UK, singer-songwriter Dom Glynn cut his teeth in The Midlands making a name for himself as a troubadour marked by an arresting honesty. His song-writing draws clear inspiration from the likes of Folk and Blues legends Bob Dylan, Rory Gallagher and Townes Van Zandt. Songs, which in taking on a thematic focus of religious symbolism and existential frustration, drive the emotional roller coaster to braver depths, leaving some audience members questioning their reality.

With a voice that can go from clean to a squall in a second, it was inevitable that Glynn was to take his one man vs the world, no-bullshit sound to the city lights of London where he continues to spread his message of gloom and rage.

Having established himself as a regular at the Camden den of iniquity that is Spiritual Bar, his live version of Never Free at All - Live at Spiritual Bar, October 2018 featured on their acclaimed Spiritual Records Live No. 3 (Live at Spiritual Bar, October 2018).

His debut E.P. Waster's Blues came out on Spiritual Records in August 2019.

With his singles Ain't No Cowboys released in January 2020, Paper Crown in April 2020 and Wound Within in May 2020 the legend of Dom Glynn is just beginning...

"Get your fill of the blues with Dom. It’s another new twist to the beloved craft genre." comherefloyd

"When Waster’s Blues ends, it leaves you wanting more. It is a credit to the calibre of the music that Dom Glynn has created." Indie Band Guru


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