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Bandini is pure, wild energy on stage. He has been described as “the bastard son of Tom Waits and Cab Calloway” by The Troubadour, London. His major influences are diverse- Van Morrison, Dr. John, Tom Waits and The Clash, which have led him to fuse jazz, blues, rock and gypsy into a dynamic live show. This combined with his enigmatic and theatrical stage performances has led Bandini to became one of the most relevant and exciting emerging artists today.

In 2019 he released his debut album “Barflies” produced by Camelle Hinds (Style Council, Paul Weller) toured Europe with his eight piece band.

Bandini has been part of Camden Fringe for 2 years in a row with his own musical play Barflies Tales (written, directed and performed with his band) where he gained a 5 star review.

Bandini and his band have also been main act at Twist and Shout in Milan, mesmerising the audience with their energies. 

Bandini is restlessly working with Spiritual Records and is about to release his first live album recorded during lockdown at Buffalo Studio with his 4 piece. 

You can find Bandini hanging around telling drunken stories on stage at Spiritual Bar as one of the resident artists. 

“To say the evening was colourful would be an understatement. It was a delightful spectrum of music, humour, funk, soul and love. And you leave only wanting more.” Catalina Blackman for Camden Fringe Festival

“A great show, entertaining and full of energy, Bandini charms the audience by telling stories and creating a beautiful athmosphere, thanks also to the support of his band, young talented artists who give everything on stage.” Nidaba Theatre, Milan.

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